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Becky's BIO

Brave in Spirit - Strong in Love

As a child, Becky was always one that loved people. She loved her family, she loved her friends, and she loved her pets. She was more caring and helpful than the average person. She often showed it in little ways that had big effects.

Becky was not one of those to shy away from a challenge. She was one that would dive right in. Bravery and courage were hallmarks of Becky Scott and she was mature beyond her years without question.

A sometimes stubborn and very determined person, she brandished a tough exterior not wanting to burden others with her fears. Through it all though she expressed a loving and lighthearted sense of humor which endeared her to many.


“Her silly side always came through and brightened a room every time.”

When Becky was young her mother, Patricia, was fighting her own battle with cancer. Becky was very attentive during those years. Often she would offer help without being

asked. Seeing to her mother’s needs was important to her.

After her mother’s death Becky, at the age of 12, felt compelled to care for the family though no one ever asked or expected her to assume that role.

This was Becky’s nature. Becky was a nurturer. Becky was compassionate. Becky was caring and loving.

This is what led Becky to the career she chose. She had a desire and passion for helping others.

There was a story told by a medic working with Becky about a call Becky and he had been on. That call was to aid a cancer patient. That cancer patient had just learned that her cancer had returned. The patient was experiencing extreme anxiety as a result of this bad news. Becky at the time was herself battling breast cancer and she had lost her hair due to chemotherapy.

“Becky was wearing her ball cap to cover her head at this time, and after she was successful in calming the patient down, the woman noticed Becky’s lack of hair. It was difficult, I could tell, for Becky to shift the attention on to her own fight. But the two of them began talking and were sharing treatment stories as I closed the doors to the ambulance and we were off to the hospital. By the time we arrived the two of them had made a connection, the patient’s anxiety long resolved.”  

Another medic said: “Becky was one of those “thank God” medics for those of you in the business you know what I am talking about.”

Becky was a Firefighter an EMT and a Paramedic - careers in the service of saving lives and helping others. She worked at various stations and locations in Burlington County, NJ and in PA.

Becky received an associate of applied sciences degree in fire sciences at Burlington County College in 2008. She was Firefighter 1 certified June 11, 2006. Starting 2005 Becky served with the Taunton Fire Station 252 Medford, NJ. In 2006 she received an award for responding to 342 fire calls. In 2006 she also received the Lew Schoen award from Taunton Fire Station 252.

On January 28, 2007 Becky obtained her Basic EMT Technician Certification through the Burlington County, NJ EMS BCIT training center. In 2007 and 2008 she worked part time for Medford Township NJ EMS and as a firefighter and EMT at Medford Farms Volunteer Fire Co. in her home town of Tabernacle, NJ. In 2011 she worked briefly for Second Alarmers Rescue Squad in Montgomery, PA.

Becky worked many years at the Mansfield Township Ambulance Corps Station in Burlington County, NJ as an EMT while obtaining her paramedic education and long afterwards. On January 12, 2012 Becky received her degree in Paramedic Science from Camden County College NJ Virtua School of Paramedics class of 2012. She attained a GPA of 3.610. In 2012 Becky began her Paramedic career with Virtua Health in Burlington County, NJ.

Becky was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer in May of 2014 - a day of great emotional pain and anxiety for everyone. She battled courageously for nearly 18 months.

It was 12 days before Becky’s passing due to breast cancer that she reported to work to fill her shift in spite of not feeling well. She had been having some abdominal discomfort and was taking cancer medications. Such was her dedication to the job. She wanted to work badly. This job was what she loved doing and it was very important to her. She never finished her shift that day. That was the last day she worked.

Becky passed away on October 27, 2015.

To say that she was not loved and respected would be inaccurate. Those who paid their respects numbered in the several thousands. They came from far and wide - Firefighters, EMT’s, Paramedics, police, family, friends and acquaintances. The NJ State Police South Star helicopter flew over the cemetery. This was unheard of. Not many are shown this level of respect as it is stuff that is usually reserved for high level dignitaries.

The Burlington City NJ Police Department honored her with a fundraiser and the city passed a resolution in her honor. Many of the city’s police officers had firsthand experience working with

Becky and were always very impressed by her. They liked seeing her on a bad scene because she didn’t hesitate to do her job - and do it well.

Without question in the short time she was with us she made a significant impact. For one so young, she showed us true friendship and love - and most importantly she saved lives. Her dedication and service did not go unnoticed among her peers.

Before her passing and while in a hospital bed Becky was informed that she was being awarded the 2015 NJ Outstanding Paramedic of the Year by the NJ Department of Health Office of Emergency Medical Services.

After her passing the award was presented to her family at the 2015 EMS Awards Program at Harrah’s in Atlantic City, NJ. 

Ryan Lewis, Becky’s supervisor at Mansfield Station, had these words to say:

“There’s no measure of a paramedic. There’s not a scale to say who is best, who is worst, who is in the middle. But there’s no one who worked the way she did, with the challenges that she had. I can’t think of anyone in my lifetime who worked the way Becky did.”

Becky Scott was a dedicated and caring Paramedic. It was in her nature and in her heart. It was a fitting career for her. She was always one to go in without hesitation, when and where she was needed. Always one to bring a smile to others when it was needed. Always one who never ceased fighting. Always one who never lost the desire to learn and always one who will never cease living.

We now seek others who share her passion for being an EMT and a Paramedic so they can help others. This world needs more people like Becky. Someone who finds in their heart and soul that this is their purpose in life. Someone who demonstrates a desire to learn and to become better. Someone who will bring honor to the memory of Becky Scott.

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