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The Rebecca "Becky" Scott Paramedic Science Scholarship

In cooperation with Rowan College at Burlington County

An Example For Those With A Desire To Serve Others

Becky Scott, sometimes affectionately referred to as simply “B”, passed away on October 27, 2015 at 28 years of age after an 18 month battle with breast cancer. Just twelve days prior, after going through treatments, she reported for work anxious to cover her shift as a paramedic.

That was her last day at work. Feeling ill she went home. Her illness was progressing to the point that she could no longer physically perform her job.

Spirit and love is what kept Becky motivated. Her spirit moved her to do the best she could, to serve without hesitation, to bravely help others in need, to persevere in spite of the challenges.

Always caring, always helpful, always possessing a passion for the job and a passion to learn. So highly dedicated to her paramedic career that she wanted to continue to work in spite of her illness.

Hers was a caring and compassionate personality evident even as a child. She loved people. She loved life. Her loving and teasing sense of humor endeared her to most. That was Becky Scott.

An amazing young woman who in spite of all the challenges she faced continued to maintain a spirit of determination and hope that not many could maintain. Always a fighter who at the end showed amazing strength and bravery.

This is who she was.


To support Emergency Medical Services and paramedic sciences by awarding educational scholarships to select individuals whose life focus and desire is to be a paramedic. Individuals who have discovered that a paramedic career is their calling in life. Individuals whose motivation is a desire to learn to be the best paramedic they can be. Individuals who can emulate Becky Scott’s passion for the paramedic vocation and her love for serving others.


  1. Grant scholarships twice annually to individuals emulating Becky’s spirit and love. Those who are dedicated, enthusiastic and compassionate.

  2. Raise funds by holding events and benefits to support EMS and paramedic science education through the Rebecca A. “Becky” Scott Paramedic Sciences Scholarship hosted by (RCBC) the Rowan at Burlington County College Foundation.



Lauren Pancoast - Bridgeton, New Jersey


Venezia Rivera - Pennsauken, New Jersey

Erin Hubscher - Robbinsville, New Jersey


Jenna Cannon - Brick, New Jersey


Salvatore DeGennaro - Belleville, New Jersey

Matthew Morrison - Cherry Hill, New Jersey

William Harkisheimer - Sicklerville, New Jersey

Frank Civitano - Toms River, New Jersey

Marina Milia - Manahawkin, New Jersey

Drew Lubber - Freehold, New Jersey

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